Duiker Island: Where Cape Fur Seals Steal the Show

Just outside of Hout Bay, Duiker Island – also known as Seal Island – is home to about 64,000 individual Cape fur seals. Between 5,000 and 7,000 try to find a sunny spot on the island at once. When it comes to seals in Cape Town, this rocky outpost is where our seals truly steal the show.

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It only takes you about 20 minutes to get to Duiker Island on our glass-bottom boat Calypso. As our vessel draws closer, the playful antics of these marine maestros become a performance that rivals any blockbuster. Besides Cape fur seals, the area is also known for marine birds such as common cormorants and kelp gulls. Occasionally, you might also spot a seal elephant that seeks our waters seasonally.

Duiker Island and its Cape fur seals
Seal Island and its Cape fur seals

Only 95 x 77 metres in size, Duiker Island isn’t just a destination, it’s a front-row seat to the fascinating world of Cape fur seals in South Africa. From basking in the sun to agile dives into the cool Atlantic Ocean, these creatures create a living mosaic of natural wonder.

A Haven for Cape Fur Seals

Seals in Cape Town may be a common sight, but Duiker Island takes it to the next level. As you navigate the waters surrounding the island, the air is filled with the unmistakable sounds of seals engaging in their daily symphony. And yes, you can smell them, too. That’s also part of Mother Nature. But don’t worry, the fresh sea breeze ensures that your seal island cruise is an enjoyable outing.

Playful Cape fur seal pup near Duiker Island - see them with Circe Launches
Playful seal pup near Duiker Island

Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or just seeking a unique adventure, Duiker Island promises an encounter with Cape fur seals that fascinates young and old. These charismatic creatures make every visit a dynamic and ever-changing experience, ensuring that no two trips are alike. If you want to get even closer to our marine animals, make sure to book a seal snorkelling trip.

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So, if you find yourself in Hout Bay, make sure to join us on a cruise to Duiker Island. Witness our Cape fur seals in their natural habitat and let the magic of this marine spectacle leave an indelible mark on your weekend getaway or holiday. Your rendezvous with Cape Town’s seals awaits – and Seal Island is where the curtain rises on this extraordinary wildlife performance.