Boat Trips & Activities

Locals and international visitors alike love our Seal Island boat trips and other exciting water-based activities. Join us on a Seal Island cruise, where you’ll witness our adorable Cape fur seals up-close. And for those seeking a different kind of adventure, paddle your way along the harbour into the bay.

Cape fur seal colony on Duiker Island near Hout Bay, Cape Town

Seal Island Boat Tour

Our popular Seal Island boat tours are edutainment for the whole family. Enjoy ample space on our vessel Calypso, and excellent views of our playful Cape fur seals. Our friendly crew shares fascinating information as we head out to Duiker Island.

Seal Snorkeling Adventure

Explore Hout Bay’s fascinating underwater world! Frolic with Cape fur seals and admire the diverse marine wildlife around Duiker Island on a 2.5-hour snorkeling trip with our partner Animal Ocean. Eco-friendly and truly unforgettable!

Book your Seal Snorkeling adventure with Circe Launches
Circe Launches Seal Island Boat Tour in Hout Bay - Calypso

Private Charter on Calypso

Celebrate special occasions and enjoy an exclusive adventure aboard our vessel Calypso. With our personalised cruises, you’ll create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Find out more about our summer sundowner cruises as well!

Seal Island & Kayaking

Prepare for an exhilarating maritime experience as we combine the wonders of our Seal Island with an unforgettable kayaking tour. Embark on a journey that will leave you in awe of Hout Bay’s beauty and our Cape fur seals that call it home.

Seal Island Boat Trip and Kayak Adventure in Hout Bay
Kayaking in Hout Bay - great in combination with a Circe Launches Seal Island Boat Trip

Kayak Tour in Hout Bay

Ready for an epic kayaking expedition in Hout Bay? Join our guided kayak tours and be mesmerised by the natural wonders. Choose from sunrise, sunset, group, or private kayak adventures to suit your preference. Let’s paddle around the bay!

Ready for a Seal Island Boat Trip in Cape Town?

Ahoy! Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure on a delightful Seal Island Boat Trip in Hout Bay just outside of Cape Town. Make sure to book with us to take full advantage of our glass bottom feature.

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