A Seal Island Cruise with Circe Launches

As you venture along the Cape Peninsula, a visit to Hout Bay and Duiker Island is a must. Join us, Circe Launches, a trusted name in boat excursions for the past 50 years, on a seal island cruise. We ensure a memorable experience aboard our glass-bottom boat Calypso. Here’s what you can expect from our seal island boat trips.

Explore the Cape fur seal colony on Duiker Island near Hout Bay with Circe Launches
Get ready to see countless Cape fur seals in their natural habitat

Upon entering Hout Bay Harbour, our friendly staff is ready to greet you warmly. Our ticket kiosk is conveniently located right next to the parking area. Simply look out for our big sign.

Explore Hout Bay from the water

Our cruise commences by gliding past the Hout Bay Yacht Club Marina. As we navigate the waters, historical landmarks unfold, such as West Fort, a relic from 1781, built by the Dutch East India Company and the French. Strategically positioned, the fort’s cannons once guarded the bay’s center.

Chapman's Peak Drive in Hout Bay
Chapman’s Peak Drive, one of the most stunning coastal roads in the world

Further along, Chapman’s Peak Drive graces the port side, while Sentinel Mountain stands tall on the starboard side. Chapman’s Peak Drive with its many outlook points and picnic spots, a marvel completed in under eight years in 1922, is another highlight you should add to our travel list.

Approaching Duiker Island, our skipper positions the boat for an up-close encounter with the curious Cape fur seals. Calypso’s glass-bottom viewing compartment promises spectacular glimpses of kelp forests and marine life beneath the boat – get a scuba-diver’s view without the need to get wet.

Playful Cape fur seal pup in Hout Bay - see them with Circe Launches
We’re the only ones with a glass-bottom boat in Hout Bay

Seals, dolphins, whales and so much more

After spending time with the seal colony, Calypso sets course back to the bay, where dolphins and whales may grace your journey, depending on the season. We at Circe Launches ensure an immersive and educational maritime experience, leaving you with treasured memories of Hout Bay and its fascinating marine life. Let’s hop on board! Book your cruise tickets today. We look forward to welcoming you on board!